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Craig Alan Anderson

Art Berserk
Fort Collins, Colorado

AB-3: 2012
oil encaustic on canvas
AB-5: 2012
oil encaustic on canvas
AB-4: 2012
oil encaustic on canvas
Selfie One: 2014
acrylic and serigraph on canvas
Uprising 1: 2014
acrylic and serigraph on canvas

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Craig Anderson's artwork is a unique interpretation 

of life, events, and the landscape.

Growing up in Lawrence, Kansas, during the 1980's provided an idyllic 4 season experience to explore and build a foundation for a lifetime of challenging creative endeavors.

After the art school adventures of Columbus, Ohio, in the 1990's where my painted journey began, I found myself on a circuitous path which ended at Fort Collins, Colorado in the early 2000's.

Since that point the adventures of life have made time seem like a blur, and I'm fortunate in being able to continue this search for a better relationship between my artwork, life, and other people. I have rediscovered a joy in creating paintings, music, and photography that keeps my mind actively producing ideas which I aspire to capture and make tangible.

Every day that I get to create is a good one, and I hope your life has positive time for exploring as well.

If you have any thoughts or ideas you'd like to share, Please get in touch.

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