March 2024: We’ve Sprung Forward…

The days are getting longer and tulips are pushing up from the garden beds. It’s nice to be on the swing towards warmer weather and greenery. In general it has been a slow start to the new year with art production, as the teaching workload has required more time and energy this semester. 

In the winter time the studio gets rather cold as well, and I aim to keep it warm enough to not have my acrylic products freeze. It will be fun to get started on a new series that I’m leaning into, and will have more to report in the future.

My son Esher and I worked on painting a clay mask for the 20th annual Mask show at the Fort Collins Museum of Art, which will display them from April -June, 2024. It was fun to collaborate with him on the mask. I find Esher’s ability to achieve his vision with repeated self-correction and creative drive to be very inspiring. He can really focus and visualize things in a determined yet exploratory way.

Keep having fun and rising to the challenges out there my friends, it’s a good time to be working on new and exciting projects!


My painting W.A.R. 1- “Event Horizon”, was selected to be in the NOOBAA-23  (NOn-OBjective Abstract Art- 2023) juried show at 3 Square Art in Fort Collins, Colorado. The show opens in the middle of September and I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of new abstract art curated in their space.

It hasn’t always been easy to meet new people, especially abstract artists nearby. Most of them are probably working in the studio! This opportunity will present a large group of possible similarly minded people who are local, and also some from other states. I find that to be very exciting, along with my family being able to attend the opening night. It should be a lot of fun.

I’ll be dropping the painting off at the gallery soon, and am enjoying seeing it in the studio for a few more days. After finishing this piece I had to put it up on the painting loft because it was emotional and challenging, so having space from it was nice. Now I’m very happy with how it looks, and have also made an upgrade with a custom braided cable hanging system.

There are a few projects in the queue as time allows, and I hope your work is going well out there. It’s nice to have experienced a mellow Summer, and to be getting ready for the Fall colors.

W.A.R. series coming in hot

The W.A.R. (Woke Artifact Relic) series started in the summer of 2023. These paintings are full of visual abstract energy, reflected in the charged color combinations along with automatic drawing and matter of fact collage elements. The archival totems will radiate positive woke vibrations and visual scintillation for generations, and the first 8 surfaces are the cornerstone of many paintings to come. At least in the beginning, the formal elements are lacking words/writing, and any easily detectable imagery. This is an ode to earlier works which captured landscape elements in a cerebral way, thoroughly investigated through the painted process.

Some of these works are available, and others like them. Please contact me for more info.

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