February 2020

Even though the month is short, it has been productive. I’ve enjoyed finally getting my podcast idea created after the inception of Beta Broadcast in late 2018. So far 7 episodes have been created which feature a wide variety of topics. You can check it out using the link above, or there is also an RSS feed for the Beta Broadcast Podcast on this site’s Links section.

In essence Beta Broadcast is a media variety network looking to encourage the creative space and collaboration. If you like this idea please visit the podcast site where you will also find links for instagram and twitter. By all means you can contact me through this site as well for questions and inquiries.

January 2020

The new year has started off with a nice creative blast.

    Time in the studio has allowed me to create 7 paintings (in two series) and also about 7 works on paper. These projects have been exciting for me, as new ideas and visualizations are occurring for what comes next. I look forward to the next shipment of materials to start the process up again. In the mean time I’ll continue working on paper and experimenting as I can.

    I was able to process and update the website with the new photographic sections this past winter break. These areas include Digital Photography, Film Photography and Camera Model Information. There are corresponding galleries for each of these sections which will continue to develop in the future.

    Another feat has been incorporating the High Park Fire page on the site. This page has some writing and photographs from the experience, which I’d previously kept away from processing due to PTSD and the challenges that come with it. As an artist that experience was extremely life changing, in some good ways, and very difficult in others. I’m glad to have cataloged the event, because it actually seems like a small wight lifted from me. The High Park Fire is part of my personal history and sharing more about it might help with moving forward at an even better pace.

2019 Updates

As the end of the year closes in, I’ve been cataloging the works that I created in 2019. This past year has flown by and been a challenge with available time, however I’ve still managed to make progress with multiple endeavors. 

My new acrylic painting series “Chronology” is ready for you to view, as well as the updated “Chronology Digital” section, which has abstract drawings made on an iPad Pro with the Art Rage and Procreate apps.

I’m also excited to finally have my “Film Photography” section substantially updated and in the works. Please check out this new area of the site, especially if you like cameras and photography.

I enjoy Winter Break to have time with family and to catch up with belated studio goals. At this point I’ve made enough headway to feel good about the new projects coming up in 2020, and hope you have a great creative start to the New Year as well!

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