A Delinquent Blogger I Am

   Today is my son Esher’s 3rd Birthday and I’m in awe about how quickly he is growing up and becoming a little dude. We have fun playing and talking about whatever is going on at the time. He enjoys the new experiences that come with each day and his Mom and I feel very fortunate to be on this journey together.

   As the seasons turn into Fall my annual cycle of having more studio time is starting to become a reality. This year has been packed with new jobs (www.fortfixit.com) and time spent away from creative duties out of necessity. When I was younger normal labor jobs seemed like the antithesis of a creative life, but now I see the value in sustenance and time away which increases my curiosity and drive. 

   I’ve not made any progress on getting my photo galleries up and in order, which is still a priority. Over the last year I’ve been able to shoot some nice rolls of film on various cameras, and look forward to adding that media to this site. Most images relate to the landscape in some way, which is my favorite subject matter.

   Quite a few new paintings have been finished this year and added to the photo documentation pile which I hope to conquer soon, or at least before the start of the new year. These paintings will fit nicely in the UES Series and possibly help complete it. As my works have continued to evolve I’m currently looking into the idea of shields, bones, and hearts. I have feelings of nurturing strength, ability, and love connected to these symbols.  

   Scale and size is always a personally debated topic when starting a new series of work. In the near future my quest for larger canvas surfaces to paint on will begin to develop and become something tangible. I’ve not worked over the size of 18”x24” for several years now and am looking forward to the upscale challenge. Perhaps it will be time to work on the un-stretched surface first and then attach it to the supports afterwards, time will tell.

   I often think about all of the large paintings that I’ve made over the years and how the logistical challenges relate to their storage, transport, and lack of visibility or collectors. So many have been given away, tossed in the dump, or burned that it keeps me coming back to manageable sizes which take up less space in multiples. I suppose a bonafide demand for such items would make the decision to go large again much easier. Such is the challenge of determining the scope of one’s own work.

2019 for a Fresh Start

Finishing up last semester’s painting classes with success was a nice way to ring in the 2018 Holiday Season and New Year. I’ve been busy with a long overdue studio clean up and reorganization in order to have a better work flow in 2019 which feels liberating. With a less cluttered space I feel relaxed and able to concentrate again. My studio efforts continue with the abstract landscape, along with spending more time shooting analog and digital photography. I continue to look for and document things that I see of interest such as light/shadow, colors/textures, and the natural Colorado beauty. As time allows I will be making updates to this site which will showcase this new photography, as well as the painting, drawing, and digital work in the making. Here’s to a challenging and productive new creative year!

Summer Fun

Time sure does fly. As the warm months offer more daylight, I pause for a moment to appreciate the full sun with outdoor chores and activities. It’s been great to be spending a lot of time with my family. I’ve continued to work in the studio and enjoy making the digital abstractions by way of drawing. In development are ideas about how to better approach my next semester of teaching painting classes at FRCC…but it has been nice to have some personal time for reflection. 

I would like to squeeze in a plein air study or two before the summer is over, wish me luck and I hope you all are having good times as well.

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