(How the Golden Glow was Created)

That Glow, and the idea that started it all:

In this case “the glow” is both literal and a metaphor. It is literally a glowing object that you can hold or put on a wall to comfort a dark space. The metaphor is that like in life, we have thoughts of transcendence and mortality, and we also have beauty (or a glow) that brings us together. We are all one, yet we are also all alone.

The Golden Glow came into existence as a developed proof of concept under the Custom Brand Painting Company, circa 1996; however, the actual events that transcribed into the physical Golden Glow Cube happened in 1998-99.

While in grad school at the University of Kansas, I was photographing a series of epoxy resin paintings that were experimental both in imagery and materials. Of the 6 or so works, one in particular was only made with resin, gold leaf, and glitter. As I was moving paintings around to photograph with color slide film outdoors, the sun broke through the overcast day and activated the golden painting in my hand. I instantly thought of a beacon that someone on a desert island would try to use, like a small mirror to catch the attention of an overhead plane. 

I moved the painting to reflect and focus the sun’s rays, trying to project light onto the dark brick in the shadows of the art and design building. It worked - I was pushing light onto the building with this little painting from 15-20 feet away.

My next thought was it would be cool to illuminate this object electronically, so that it could also glow in the darkness and project the same type of warmth from within. This is how my journey began, my quest to build the first Golden Glow Cube back in late 90’s.

After experimenting with A/C powered night lights and building several prototypes which functioned but weren't very bright, a friend named Ryan who was familiar with electronics suggested that I use LEDs and D/C power. In consultation with Ryan, I worked on more prototypes to bring the Series 2000 of bi-powered LED units to the world. (Many of these originals were destroyed in the High Park Fire of 2012.)  

The current plan is to continue making these artworks a reality for others around the world to view and contemplate, starting with a fresh approach in 2023. My goal is to create this experience for as many people as possible, to provide a “glow” in an often confusing world. With the current state of our planet, I have a sense of urgency to make this vision happen.

These pieces of art would be well suited for viewing in a gallery and in a person’s daily space. My ultimate goal is to build a larger scale version of the artwork for viewing in a museum or suitable gallery environment. 

I look forward to hearing from you and working with others to bring the Golden Glow to our communities. 

Contact me for more information if you’d like to get involved.

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