Painting is a force to be reckoned with.

"I'm once again infatuated with the idea of challenging the white cube."

*    *    *

Pigments will be assertive,

in ways that can sometimes seem annoying. For example, one time I realized that cadmium red was all over my sleeve, after a session in the studio while making dinner at home.

This most challenging medium pulled me in because of how inept I was a painting from life during intro classes at CCAD. That time spent with Ron would later turn into him being my mentor for advanced studies.

Since then my journey of the abstract landscape has continued, and now this is where I feel at home.

It's pretty simple,


 "In order to make a painting you've got to use paint." 

-Ronald Augutis 1996

These words spoken by my former instructor at CCAD were both accurate and elusive. To this day I hold this idea close to my heart.

Painting hasn't necessarily gotten any easier, but my relationship with it has grown and matured over the years. Every day I see something that intrigues my ideas for a painted surface.

A beginning with realism,

and looking at what nature had to offer created the path I'm on to this day. When combined with observations about the interactions of humans over time, my ideas of what is inspirational began to shift towards cycles, processes, and juxtapositions.

The changes in light and temperature over the seasons causes fluctuations that age and distress our manufactured world. These after effects began to inspire my understanding of what I called "The Cerebral Landscape", back in the late 1990's.

(artwork is catalogued in chronological order)

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