My Electro-Art:

Electricity is useful for enabling art making on digital devices like the iPad Pro, with an Apple Pencil. Before utilizing current in this modern way circa 1994, I starting using lighting, sound, and electric power as incorporated elements in my artwork.

Some archived materials might lend examples of those works in the form of printed photographs. However, today I am furthering my research into mechanically lighted art forms with my new project, the Custom Brand Painting Golden Glow 2023 Unity Series. Re-activating the Golden Glow along with other fabricated and dimensional elements is something that would be an echo from a past era. I'm looking forward to integrating these materials in new ways that I find exciting, and full of potential.

Electricity will continue being used with technology for making digital artwork, post-processing images, recording music, and other things of interest or need. These explorations will most likely also lead to paintings that are fun to touch and explore. One of my interests has been in Viewer Activation, which will continue to be a focus through creating works that are accessible and durable. The ability to repair and upgrade is also an aspect of generational artwork that I'm investigating further, and look forward to applying into this next body of work.

In the near future there will also be explorations into VR and AI interfaces, with my concepts for interior spaces and accessorized wall imaging playing a role in the immersive experience that I am working to create.

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