The line is my friend, a visual expression of thought.

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From an early age,

I loved to draw. Most kids do, and I happen to still feel young at heart every time I pick up a pencil. 

Each day I sketch and record thoughts and ideas on paper, as well as digitally with modern devices. I draw what I see, and also what I know. 

"Beginning with the mind's eye, and a request to the hand, we might then find ideas that will land."

-Craig: 5-24-23

Drawing is both fun,

and challenging. Working with line can seem playful, and then also frustrating. 

Most of the time I'm self conscious about my drawings, but that doesn't keep me from doing it and making them.

Creating a daily drawing practice helps me to think less about the process and more about the ideas and evolutions. I have obscure and tangental visions that often times demand being recorded. 

I had to start over,

because that's what the eraser is for, and I've got a lot of them.

No artist is perfect and by building upon one's mistakes we can eventually refine a version of what is acceptable as a resolution for an idea.

The process is paramount with drawing. Even with this ideal, the underlying marks on a page will always provide a wonderful supporting structure. Look closely and enjoy.

(artwork is catalogued in chronological order)

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