Canon FT QL

The Canon FT QL is a classic mechanical TTL SLR. It requires a 1.35v battery (or adapter) for the light meter and is very usable. While lacking a hot shoe this model does have a DOF preview, as well as a self timer. The FT QL uses the Canon FL breech lock lenses, which makes for quick and easy lens swaps. This model of camera is what I "graduated" to after my brother and father both had different cameras to use, allowing me to put away the Pentax H1a in favor of this more advanced model. I've had some issues with partial shutter block in the 1/100th and 1/500th sec. range, but such things can be expected from an old camera without a recent CLA. My previous FT QL from my father burned in the High Park Fire, and the one pictured above was a gift from my brother. It was originally purchased by his father-in-law, in Japan, while stationed there as an Army medic.

Here is a link with more information about this camera: Canon FT QL from Wikipedia

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