Canon Demi EE17

The Canon Demi EE17 is the top half-frame model, produced with very usable features in a small range finder package. The frames are in the portrait side by side format, which is the traditional layout for most half-frame cameras. The viewfinder is uncoupled, so one must use the zone focus method, which works quite well once you get the hang of it. Shooting wide open (f1.7) has a very narrow depth of field, and I'll often use a measurement of my finger tips to arm in order to achieve the proper minimum focal distance. This model has a self timer, a quiet leaf shutter, a flash socket, the "EE" Electronic Exposure with a nice light meter, and shutter priority "Auto" mode.

Unfortunately a large percentage of them have corroded battery compartment terminals from leaky mercury batteries that were never removed before long term storage. This results in connections that must be repaired/ soldered for the light meter to work. Of course the camera can fully function in manual mode without the meter. This model of camera is the one that I begrudgingly learned how to fix myself after realizing that paying someone else to do the work would have cost more than the camera itself. It took me investing in, and repairing too many of these to finally get the one which I considered a keeper, shown above. After fixing the "broken" cameras I resold them for a profit, fully tested with a roll of film. It is a very fun camera to use if you can find a nice one in working order.

Here is a link to more information on the Demi EE17: The 35MMC Blog: Canon Canonet Demi EE17

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