Sears 35 RF

The Sears 35 RF is a quality rangefinder camera with a fixed 40mm f 2.8 lens. Produced by Ricoh, it is actually a 500 G in rebranded attire. It has a shutter priority auto mode, and the light meter works in full manual mode as well. The yellow viewfinder patch is fairly easy to obtain focus with, and the inclusion of a self timer and hot shoe helps this camera to be very capable.

The Sears 35 RF is unique with the black paint scheme, as the Ricoh 500 G came in silver instead. The lens produces nice sharp results, especially with slower speed films. It has a quiet leaf shutter that almost makes a "ping" when fired. This makes is nice for the discreet shooter. Here is more information: James Cockroft- Sears 35 RF

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