Epson Stylus Epic (Mju II)

If you are familiar with point and shoot cameras, most likely you've heard of the Stylus Epic. The fanfare around this model has made the prices soar over the years. It originally sold for around $90 and now easily commands prices above $150. For how small and pocketable this gem is, along with the ability to shoot in "spot mode" without triggering the flash, it's no wonder the Epic is a favorite of sleuthy street shooters. The f2.8 glass is fast enough to let in a good amount of light and is exceptionally sharp for this style of camera. Of course this model has all of the bells and whistles in terms of auto modes, a self timer, and auto winding film advance. This "DLX" model features the panoramic mode which works quite nicely from previous experience.

My original Stylus Epic also burned in the High Park Fire and was the film camera I shot the most up until making the transition to digital. During the 1999-2000 Y2K era I shot about a dozen rolls of film to document the times, and was never able to get them developed before the fire. I'm happy to have this little power packed shooter in my collection again.

Here is a link to a review of the Epson Stylus Epic (Mju II): Joseph Saunders Olympus Stylus Epic Review

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