Some acrylic adventures…

have been happening as works evolve in the studio this year. 

I’m keeping at the same series but it might be transforming a bit. These three are more atmospheric and transparent but built off the accomplishments of the ones coming before. Just about the time I was finishing these up I was able to buy a few acrylic paint pens which are new to me. So far the results have been percolating nicely and I look forward to sharing more of the new developments in the near future.

Hello 2016!

Last year flew by and was very productive.

In terms of continuing the painted journey I feel that progress was made in the studio and with my body of work. The last three paintings of the year, to me, feel the strongest of which NO.12 is from that group.

My plan for the new year is to continue with this series while trying to push the quality of these abstract landscapes. I will also once again  apply for my preferred juried competitions and hope that new connections will be made with like minded people. 

At the start of the new year I’ve been enjoying drawing in my sketchbooks and working on mini cardboard “paintings” to keep things flowing and experimental. We shall see how this manifests in the paintings to come.

Introducing the AB_CD Series…

This group of 9 acrylic on hemp paintings each measure 18”x24”. 

While trying to continue with chromatic intent and material usage discovery, this series called on me to develop some more atmosphere in attempts to better tie things together. My dirty paint water cup is becoming my best friend as a base for thin “knock down” washes. I’m looking to continue this series past these first 9 and might really start to get into surface texture a bit more.  If that is the case it would be required to adhere the hemp canvas to panels instead of the classic stretched versions shown here.  I do very much enjoy this new exchange that is occurring with a rough textured surface that receives a mix of acrylic paint, archival pigmented drawing materials, and graphite.

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