Hello 2015.

It was a great holiday season with family, and I made an effort to just relax and enjoy the ride. After such a hiatus it feels good to be back in the studio. The first painting of the year is done, and a new series called “Concert Series” has been started. I hope to have a strong, productive, fun, and challenging year of making art ahead. Cheers to your fresh and renewed endeavors as well.

A time for reflection…

This has been quite a year so far.

After starting 2014 off with no body of work since 2012, and an inkling of what might manifest in the following year, I’m happy to report that progress has been made. It’s been a joy to begin the assimilation of serigraphy into my paintings and to see some developments occur.

I began with the Reclamation Series which is a free flowing group of works aimed at getting my aesthetic gears flowing again. Those works gave way to the Tz Series which relied more on the serigraph to start each piece, while aiming at keeping a sense of atmosphere through pattern and paint.

The Tz series informed the C&G series which is currently being investigated, as my interest in the theme of “cloaking devices and generators” is filling my head with ideas. Of course there have been various drawings, computer imaging, and even a sculpture or two. All in all this has been a very productive year.

My current goals are to continue assembling a large body of work, so that I can keep applying for various juried competitions and shows- as 2014 nears a close and 2015 presents new opportunities.

Thanks for all of the interest and support of my artistic journey, as there is nothing else I’d rather be dedicating my time towards. Here’s to an energetic year ahead!

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