Prime Time…

for progress. I was blessed to have the better part of a week to get busy archiving 37 new works of art from last October until now. The updates offer a variety, from the continuation of the PB-TC series on both paper and panels, as well as post election articles of “Dissentegration”, and experimental collage Swaddles from after my son was born. 

Currently there are 12 new 16”x20” panels waiting to get started. I’ll either continue on the path of the PB-TC series or start something new. As process and challenge prevail I look forward to the next paint sortie.

2017 Report Part One…

It’s no secret that things have been mega weird since the “Great Embarrassment” of 2016. Any way you slice it America is seen differently around the world. As a result of 50% of the country not voting, we can collectively hold our heads in shame. The 26% of the population that voted the 45th president into office are too stubborn and blinded by spoon fed “faith” to admit they were wrong, just as wrong as the 50% that didn’t cast a vote at all. There should be a fine for people who shirk their civic duty during the general election.  Nobody is perfect, surely not me, and we will all be talking about this for a long time to come. Except for those in denial, they will hum and make noise and talk over any attempts at a rational and pertinent discussion. My inner artistic therapeutic rebel had to digest some cathartic visuals right after the election. I also wrote quite a bit, trying to express and satisfy my need for insight into our collective American psychosis.

On the up and up, what a great time to bring a life into the world. Becoming a new father in October before the election is the best thing that could have happened to me. My wife and I welcomed our baby boy, Esher, into our family and a new adventure has begun. Watching him grow up and seeing his smile in the morning is priceless. Before his birth I made a strong effort to get all previous projects completed to satisfaction. Everything went well and it has been nice to start some new work at a relaxing pace.

It is hard to visualize what will come next, but I am feeling confident at this time in upholding the essence of abstraction. This was my drive and focus before the torch of law was passed on, and it’s time to continue the process of discovery with drawing and painting. In the near future I will be taking pictures of the recent work and updating the website, as well as gearing up to apply for a couple of new juried competitions.

As Halloween is near…

I’ve had the opportunity to finish up and document the rest of the paintings and drawings from the PB-TC (Paint Batch Test Card) series. The paintings amounted to 20 pieces and the drawings ring in at 43 sheets. This series has been rather fun for me and challenging to the extent that they all riff on the same theme. Basically that theme is making a mark and recording an atmosphere, with structure and time. (subconscious or uncontrolled events)

This continuity of the abstract landscape has been developed by process and guided imagery like most of the works which predate this series.

The initial contrast of the diagonal opacity measuring pattern has been pushed and pulled around quite a bit with these works. At times some pieces might more closely resemble a portion of an atmospheric landscape from the past, with the Test Card Pattern being more subdued. I enjoy the freedom to let this element come and go with continued experimentation. Perhaps the next efforts will be something entirely new, but in any case if time is kind to me more paintings and drawing will be made.

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