So long 2020!

It’s been a really long and foggy year. As you know the pandemic and election have made life stranger than ever. My family has been reclusive in attempts to hold off the virus until we can get one of the available vaccines. Among the strange scheduling I managed to create a decent amount of work. The paintings, digital work, and photography have continued to provide challenge and resolution. We got the start of a new shop/gallery/studio built on our land, which is a major development that has been a dream for a long time. I look forward to a new year with fresh projects and continuing to build a creative vision to further manifest a path in the arts. Here’s to you having a nice launch into 2021 as well!

October 2020 is a jump or a leap from 8 months ago…

In terms of things getting shaken up and being different, it’s all about that and more these days. Since my last post the Beta Broadcast podcast made it to 12 episodes and has been put on hiatus. The Covid-19 pandemic continues to make life interesting with a changed schedule and shifted priorities. Creative efforts are still happening, just at a steadied pace. It has been nice to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible while preparing for the winter. My son Esher is about to turn 4 this month and is a blast to hang out with everyday. He is an amazingly creative and curious kid. We are entering the countdown to have a studio/shop built on our land hopefully before the weather really changes. I’m looking forward to having a new space to access larger scale works and a variety of other creative experiments. I’ll keep this short and sweet as an end of the year update will be happening soon enough. In Art We Trust!

January 2020

The new year has started off with a nice creative blast.

    Time in the studio has allowed me to create 7 paintings (in two series) and also about 7 works on paper. These projects have been exciting for me, as new ideas and visualizations are occurring for what comes next. I look forward to the next shipment of materials to start the process up again. In the mean time I’ll continue working on paper and experimenting as I can.

    I was able to process and update the website with the new photographic sections this past winter break. These areas include Digital Photography, Film Photography and Camera Model Information. There are corresponding galleries for each of these sections which will continue to develop in the future.

    Another feat has been incorporating the High Park Fire page on the site. This page has some writing and photographs from the experience, which I’d previously kept away from processing due to PTSD and the challenges that come with it. As an artist that experience was extremely life changing, in some good ways, and very difficult in others. I’m glad to have cataloged the event, because it actually seems like a small wight lifted from me. The High Park Fire is part of my personal history and sharing more about it might help with moving forward at an even better pace.

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