Summer has already gone

and I’ve had a little more time in the studio.  For the most part my works over the last few months have been a continuation of the PB-TC series, with drawings on paper being the bulk of the pieces. Just in August a group of 8 small paintings has come into play and is almost finished. I look forward to getting the appropriate galleries updated in the near future to showcase these recent additions. 

I’ve been carving it up lately…

with the PB-TC series. I shopped online and found a reciprocating attachment that worked with my Dremel tool. This is allowing me to refine the initial excavation process, making it more akin to drawing. (My first time using a reciprocating carver was on a self portrait back in grad school around 1999.) 

I continue to experiment with how the paint batch test card grid is incorporated into each piece. These most recent ones are bit more atmospheric, and to me look less like a swatch or sample. It should also noted that the companion series of drawings is being added to and will have a more complete post in the near future.   

The PB-TC continues…

with the last two paintings being made on pine panels.

I’ve been experimenting with some different takes on the idea of the structured and contrasting test card design, with this focus being the most primitive. In the early stages the diagonal grid work was cut into the panel with a chainsaw as an act of drawing. While having a low relief effect, the challenge with these panels was to build up and fill in areas to have a greater degree of surface texture height.  I’ve got another idea in the works for the next two coming up and am looking forward to the discovery.

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