I’ve been having a lot of fun lately…

The cooling weather and end of year goals have me working at new series on 25# hemp canvas. It’s the first time I’ve used this vintage style archival material, and it does take some getting used to in terms of the stretching procedure. The texture reminds me of a cross between burlap and linen, which I keep as the ground color for each fresh start by priming a newly stretched surface with clear matte varnish.

This round of new works is minus any flap style appendages, and seems to be calling me towards a continuation of the abstract landscape through process and discovery.  

Fall back in…

to a lot of time in the studio.  It has been my annual tradition over the last 15 years to be outside working during the summer months so that when the seasons change I can try to make more progress with my art.  As the outdoor painting season is just about wrapped up I’ve started updating the website from this summer’s collection of new works. Most are paintings on moving blanket scraps from Harbor Freight, or drawings on  brightly colored paper with permapaque markers.  I took a playful shift and started using the helmet and athletic themed imagery after a long hiatus.  After getting this new material on the site here, it will be time to start getting some fresh surfaces together for this new adventure time in the studio.

I’m really bad at…

making art when I’m working full time or low on funds. During such periods my sketchbooks get some love but that’s about it. For the last couple of months I tried out an evaluation period of working for a local construction company. The original idea was to be doing almost anything but residential painting. As it turned out they had a lot of pigment application to catch up on and I became their guy to handle those duties. 

I’ve since realized that if I’m going to be painting so much anyway, I might as well get Fresh Paint Job going again and work for myself…like the old days. Now that my schedule is a bit more under my control, some time has opened up to consider new work. Above is a little start that was fun to begin with graphite and then follow up with permapaque marker and acrylic paint. 

I’m not sure what’s coming up next, but am excited to start building some new surfaces today in efforts to procure a new series. 

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