Summer Fun

Time sure does fly. As the warm months offer more daylight, I pause for a moment to appreciate the full sun with outdoor chores and activities. It’s been great to be spending a lot of time with my family. I’ve continued to work in the studio and enjoy making the digital abstractions by way of drawing. In development are ideas about how to better approach my next semester of teaching painting classes at FRCC…but it has been nice to have some personal time for reflection. 

I would like to squeeze in a plein air study or two before the summer is over, wish me luck and I hope you all are having good times as well.

Believe it…

…or not, this is my first blog post of the year. 

Time has been somewhat transparent and misleading as of late. It’s nice to be at the turning point of Spring to Summer, which brings space for things outside and art related. My second semester teaching Painting I & II at FRCC has about wrapped up and I’ve enjoyed the class very much. The group of 10 students have each grown in their own ways and I feel confident that they are leaving as better painters than when the class began. The process of exchange during studio sessions is fascinating, in terms of seeing deficiencies become resolved and built upon. I do enjoy teaching one class on Friday for 5+ hours much more than twice a week for 3 hours a pop.

My growing family is a joy and keeping me very busy, along with other demands like each of us have. During this gap of time I’ve been pecking away at several surfaces in the studio whenever the time allows. The website has been updated with some initial fruits of this labor with the ABLA Series. The new abstract landscape series builds on the previous PB-TC series with an emphasis on terrain and texture, both dimensional and graphic. I’m looking forward to continuing this group of works while also testing out some new ideas and old passions like Plein Air. 

My sweet wife surprised me with an iPad and Apple Pencil not too long ago and the medium has continued a fascination with the analog/digital reality we now live in. Ideas flow and are tested as I work with both media daily. This is fresh territory which has primarily been expressed through developing layered process landscape spaces, very similar to my physical paintings. I can tell that both aspects are informing and playing off each other and the journey is very enjoyable so far. A new gallery now exists for this work titled “Digital”.

For now I’m satisfied having opportunities to create and grow while being challenged. I hope that you find and maintain a similar journey in whichever area holds your passions.

A New Beginning II

August supplied a whirlwind of activity this year. I had applied for a new job as a sales associate, been hired and enrolled in a week long training. About half an hour after confirming said training an email popped up that inquired about my availability to teach Painting I&II at Front Range Community College. Needless to say I was blessed to be able to go from one new job to the next and I started teaching the following Tuesday. 

So far this experience has been quite exhilarating because I’ve been trying to land a teaching job in painting for about 17 years. The students have been engaged and committed while already showing growth through the challenge. Seeing them work so hard has of course stoked my personal inspiration as well.

I’m very thankful for the opportunity and am looking forward to this journey.

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